H.R. 1

The Democrats’ Election-Reform Bill Is an Unconstitutional, Authoritarian Power Grab

The Editors, National Review

Democrats may have just sent to the Senate the most comprehensively unconstitutional bill in modern American history. Throughout the Trump years, Democrats have raised multiple alarms over the alleged authoritarianism of the Trump administration, and while we have not agreed with the propriety of all the administration’s actions, nothing it has proposed or enacted is as alarming as H.R. 1. This bill is a frontal assault on the Constitution, and the nation should be grateful that the Republican-controlled Senate will almost certainly block it from becoming law.

America's Dual-Justice System Grants Immunity to Ocasio-Cortez

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, The Daily Caller

Russian roulette-style justice finally found its bullet for Steve Stockman in a system stacked against him. Ocasio-Cortez, whose support for what I describe as Lois Lerner’s dream campaign finance legislation, will assuredly receive no such unfair treatment. Lois Lerner was never prosecuted by Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder, and now H.R. 1 is dream legislation for partisan deep state operatives like her. Oh, and AOC sure knows how to butter her bread. The irony isn’t so delicious for Steve Stockman and small-government, constitutional conservatives in this dual system of justice.

HR 1 – The Democrat Plan To Turn America Into California

Step 1 in the Democrats’ plan for what some wags have called the “Californication” of America has now passed the US House of Representatives on a party line vote. HR 1 is so bad that not even the usual RINOs would vote for it, so that gives you some flavor of what a disaster for constitutional liberty the bill would be if it became law.