Identity politics

Joe Biden's 'you ain't black' comment: The scourge of the left's identity politics

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Identity politics is a scourge, not just because it’s insulting and shortsighted, but also because the impact of conditioning people into identifying through one sliver of who they are strips away the power of the individual. As more and more people in this country realize that their futures are linked with the health and well-being of their neighbors and of the country in general, the cancer of identity politics should be rejected quickly. Already black Americans are looking to political alternatives as we all know the power of not being taken for granted. That, however, will make even more Democratic “leaders” strike out.

Gropey Joe Thinks He’s an Expert On What Minorities Should Think

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Democrats have always had a special relationship with black Americans – “special” in the sense that it was especially horrible and abusive. Leaving aside the whole Democrat-initiated Civil War over Democrat slavery, the Democrat-founded KKK, and Democrat-imposed Jim Crow tyranny (a history they are still trying to rewrite today), Democrats still think that they owned a monopoly on black American votes. Oh, they feign concern.  Remember how Joe Biden warned black America of the peril posed by … Mitt Romney? Now, Biden seeks to instruct black Americans on who is legit black because of course he would think he should do that.

Democratic whining and identity politics

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Michael Bloomberg is now serving as a perfect example of how identity politics works. It isn’t necessarily just about sex, race or even sexual preference; we can also be reduced and classified by being labeled a creature of our chosen profession. Considering his comments about a variety of people, including farmers, Mr. Bloomberg seems to have disdain for most Americans, and certainly those who get their hands dirty while working. Mr. Bloomberg’s attitude isn’t new, it’s what the so-called elite have always thought about us, they were just more circumspect about it. It’s also a reminder that the choices we make in November are not just about who holds an office, but about what this country becomes.

The Fauxcahontas Apology Tour

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s early dive into identity politics and racial preferences in hiring has guaranteed that her 2020 presidential campaign will become an agonizing genealogy project and provide another example of Trump’s awesome power to make Democrats do dumb stuff.

The left’s identity politics fall apart

Katie Pavlich, The Hill

Democrat obsession with skin color and gender as a strategy is starting to fall apart and recent cultural events show us how. Nov. 6 is just around the corner and the battle lines for presidential votes are already being drawn. For Democrats, those lines are being crossed as women and minorities vote on interest, not on identity politics.

Living and Dying by Identity Politics

Jonathan S. Tobin, National Review

Warren’s supporters point to the fact that Scott Brown, her 2012 Senate opponent, didn’t seem to profit from his campaign’s emphasis on the “fake Indian” issue. But once she’s competing for liberal votes in Democratic primaries, rather than counting, as she did then, on her party uniting behind her no matter what the opposition says, it will be a very different story. She’ll likely discover that the game she’s playing is a lot more dangerous on the national stage than it was in Massachusetts.

No room for fun in progressives’ identity politicization of sports

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

Players such as Alejandro Villanueva, an Army ex-Ranger who did three tours in Afghanistan and who stood outside the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room to honor the National Anthem while his team remained inside based on indecisiveness of what to do to respond to President Trump, still inspire me. Progressives won’t ruin my fun and love of the sport, but as with nearly everything else good about America, they are trying hard.

'Identity politics' isn't the problem. It could be the solution.

Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner

The question is what sort of identity politics and tribalism we will have. Will we be a patchwork of different cultures and organic "tribes" all proud of and defined by an identity rooted in organically evolved custom, belief, and practice? Or will it be the ersatz and ugly identity politics we saw by torchlight in Charlottesville over the weekend? When a smaller, more organic, more local identity is absent, a more manufactured identity takes its place. And that's when things are guaranteed to get ugly.

No, the Future Is Not Female

Heather Wilhelm, National Review

The irony of Hillary Clinton’s gender-centric “future is female” declaration thickens when you remember that the political Left has spent the past few years rabidly insisting that gender is fluid and that gender identities can shift. Well, whatever. Consistency be darned: At this point in history, the Left seems to have one gear, and that gear is identity politics.

Olympic Coverage Puts Identity Politics Over Performance

Gary Bauer, Daily Caller

For some journalists and left-wing activists, the Olympics are about identity politics, all the time, so long as it’s an identity they approve of or want to promote.