illegal alien crime

Politicians: “You’re either for Americans, or you’re not.”

“This was our family’s 9/11 terrorist attack by a foreign invader, whether you want to recognize it or whether you do not… Americans are dying daily at the hands of criminals that we don’t even know are here… You cannot stand by and ignore us… Your silence speaks volumes. You’re either for Americans, or you’re not.” 

Ms. Laura Wilkerson of Pearland, Texas, Mother of Josh Wilkerson, killed by an illegal alien

Ted Cruz stood with the victims of illegal alien crime and their families when he introduced "Kate's Law," what will other politicians do?

Illegal Immigration Is NOT A Victimless Crime

Dan Rosenberg, whose son Drew was killed by an illegal alien, speaks on behalf of the over 100,000 victims killed by illegal aliens and says the sheer mass of illegal aliens entering the criminal justice system has corrupted our political and legal system. When did the lawbreakers become the victims and the victims are either ignored or called bigots?