Coronavirus: The California Herd

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Given the state’s unprecedented direct air access to China, and given its large expatriate and tourist Chinese communities, it could be that what thousands of Californians experienced as an unusually “early” and “bad” flu season might have also reflected an early coronavirus epidemic, suggesting that many more Californians per capita than in other states may have acquired immunity to the virus. Without either widespread antibody or current-infection testing, the number of people who die from the virus in comparison to a given population base is about all we can rely on to determine the lethality of the disease. California remains a mystery.

Maybe Now Congress Will Rein In The Tech Lords

It's good and long overdue that the GOP leadership finally figured out that you don’t feed your enemies – but the advertising money they are withholding from Twitter is a rounding error to these giant tech companies. What is really needed is serious, sustained and vigorously executed litigation and enforcement of anti-trust laws and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Investigations and Immunity

Michael Ledeen, Forbes

Throughout those years, journalists wrote completely false stories about my presumed malefactions.  People whose names regularly appear in the current “scandals” tell me they are astonished at how many stories are total inventions.  I’m not at all surprised, it’s normal in such cases. Bottom line: don’t draw hasty conclusions about scandal targets’ proper and prudent efforts to defend themselves.  We will likely learn the truth, and that will be time enough to draw conclusions.