Mr. Outside and Mr. Inside at the Department of State?

The nomination of “Mr. Outside,” Rex Tillerson, as Secretary of State would mark the fulfillment of another important campaign promise by President-elect Trump. However, to fulfill his promise to drain the swamp at the State Department Donald Trump needs a “Mr. Inside.” Although it may be a difficult pill for some of our fellow non-interventionists to swallow, we can think of no one more qualified for that role than Ambassador John Bolton.

Clinton will preserve status quo for us, Washington insiders say

Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders caused a political earthquake in the past 12 months, but Washington insiders aren't feeling at all rattled, because they have Hillary Clinton there to preserve the status quo. That's the big picture painted by the Washington Examiner/Echelon Influential Insights poll of 400 Washington insiders.