liberal bias in the media

Lib Hack Shamelessly Justifies O's Lies

Matt Hadro,

Liberal ESPN columnist LZ Granderson justified Obama's repeated lie about ObamaCare, claiming that Americans knew he did it for their own good.

Hillary Biopic Nixed Due to Pressure

Meredith Jessup, The Blaze

CNN says it no longer plans to run a Hillary Clinton, blaming pressure from Clinton’s own camp. [Filmmaker] Charles Ferguson complained that Clinton's staff pressured others not to speak to the director.

NBC: Love Hillary, Shove Benghazi

Kyle Drennen, Media Research Center

On Sept. 11, NBC aired two segments celebrating Hillary Clinton's newest achievements while giving only 10 seconds on the anniversary of the Benghazi attacks.

NYT Doesn't Know It's Liberal

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

New York Times exec. editor Jill Abramson denied that her paper has a liberal bias, despite the fact that her current and former public editors both criticized the paper’s left-leaning viewpoint.

This is a Conservative?

The establishment media has two typical "conservatives" it presents to its audience. One is an extremist or "wing nut" and the other is a more or less Republican-oriented individual whose views, when presented to the public, move the definition of “conservative” significantly to the left.

MSM: Boston Bombers Libertarians

Allahpundit, Hot Air

MSNBC lefties think the Boston bombings weren’t really a jihadist reaction to U.S. foreign policy that drove the Tsarnaevs, confession notwithstanding. It was the rise of “radical libertarianism.”

Amnesty Rally Totals Inflated

Joel B. Pollack, Breitbart

An AP reporter who didn't even attend the Bakersfield, CA rally wrote that 1,500 activitsts attended. The real total was closer to 400 people.

WaPo Died for Liberal Privilege

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

What's behind the slanted Doctrine of Liberal Privilege finally forced the Graham family to sell the Washington Post?

Cruz Takes on Lib Media Bias

Alex Altman, Time

Why does it seem inconceivable to libs that there could be Americans who believe in free-market principles and the Constitution?

CNN and NBC Call Priebus' Bluff on Hillary Shows, Now What?

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Monday gave CNN and NBC less than two weeks to pull major projects on the life of Hillary Clinton. We think Priebus is bluffing and is merely throwing a little red meat to grassroots conservatives during the lull in the political news brought on every year when Congress leaves Washington for its August recess. Please tell us what you think by voting in today's Daily Debate poll.

GOP Threatens to Stop Being The Party of Stupid

Conservatives are fed-up with the Republican National Committee handing-over the primary season agenda to the liberals in the establishment media every four years. All RNC Chairman Reince Preibus is doing by threatening to pull out of debates sponsored by NBC and CNN is threatening that the GOP will finally stop being the Party of stupid.