More anonymous lies from Trump-hating liberal media

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Journalists know their reporting is for the public, who are final arbiters of its value. Saying of anonymous gossip, “I can be trusted, I trust my sources, so you can trust them,” is the height of begging the question. No, we don’t automatically trust “journalists.” Ultimately, The Atlantic magazine hoax does reveal something important about Mr. Trump: His deranged opponents needed to fabricate a story in order to attack him on his record with the military and veterans, revealing even they recognize his unparalleled success. Without lies, they have nothing.

Fanning the Flames

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Nobody in the national media ever calls attention to justified officer involved shootings. Public safety requires armed police, who risk their lives in those frightening moments when they confront dangerous criminals. Cops are the front-line troops who protect us all from crime. It is irresponsible — and demonstrably false — for Biden and his allies to accuse heroic law-enforcement officers of being agents of “systemic racism,” just for the sake of winning an election. Every American must hope that voters of all races will reject this hateful message.

The Media Are Lying About The Election Again

Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

The media and the Democrats may not like it, but this race is clearly different from where it was at the end of June, where Trump’s job approval had been going down for three straight months and he bottomed out at 41 percent in the RealClearPolitics average. Today Trump’s job approval is on a three-month upswing and is over 44 percent in the RealClearPolitics average. Three points may not seem like a lot, but in the real world where the critical battleground states will likely be decided by less than that amount, three points are the difference between winning and losing.

The Leftist Persecution Of Nick Sandmann Continues

Covington Catholic High School graduate Nick Sandmann, the MAGA hat clad teenager who was falsely accused by major media outlets of abusing a Native American activist in front of Lincoln Memorial, and subsequently won significant payouts from several of them, still remains a target of the Left. To give you a small taste of how truely vicious the Left is, they have now decided to follow him to college at Kentucky’s Transylvania University.

Why Democrats and their liberal media minions are running scared

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

What the media won’t say is as revealing as what they do say. It was policing —broken-windows policing— that turned the murder tide, first in NYC under Rudy Giuliani and then nationally. But to mention that history, the Times and AP would have to acknowledge that handcuffing the cops in recent years — a policy they both support relentlessly — is contributing to the comeback of violence. So instead, they push the heartless idea that it could be worse and that Trump is wrong to make a big deal out of it. The left cares only about defeating Trump.

Michelle Obama, America's Most Pampered Princess

Tim Graham, CNS News

Michelle Obama is America's most pampered princess, the most spoiled figure in our modern political history. Her every move is carefully prepared and managed, and no one ever disturbs her peace. Praising her poise and cool is mandatory, and it's easier to show poise when no one ever, ever challenges you as less than perfect. Even conservative writers and media outlets want to hail her rhetorical bilge. Let's stop that. Someone needs to break this sickening spell. Let's dare to treat her like just another wealthy Democratic hack, selling socialism in her glitter boots.

Kamala Harris Is No Moderate

Editors, National Review

Many Democrats and Republicans understand a Biden presidency might very well evolve into a kind of regency in which the fragile-seeming and forgetful man who would be 82 years old at the end of his first term acts as a placeholder until a suitable replacement comes of age, as it were. The leading candidate for such a successor would be his vice president, in this case a self-serving and dishonest politico who was moderately corrupt as an attorney general, moderately abusive as a senator, and now moderately dangerous to the rule of law. Americans should be moderately terrified.

Trump’s ‘Political Masterstroke’ Leaves Press Scrambling to Apply Double Standard

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

The coronavirus threat will continue to recede. The stock market will continue its rise even as unemployment continues to fall. There may be saber rattling, and there will certainly be teeth gnashing, by China, Russia, North Korea, Democrats, the media, and other enemies of America. But it will all be sound and fury, signifying nothing. In short, it is more and more likely that Donald Trump will be reelected President. I have thought so for a while now, at least since his magnificent speech at Mount Rushmore. His calm and compassionate actions really were a “political masterstroke.”

The Cancer of the Media

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

In the recent discussion about what ails the media, which has been prompted by a flurry of firings and resignations, the blind lead the blind. The diagnoses ignore the most obvious one: the media’s primary commitment to liberalism over real news. The media, for ideological reasons, routinely ignores stories that would generate good ratings. Take the American media’s complete lack of interest in the body-cam footage of the George Floyd arrest. Worried that it would complicate their preferred narrative, American journalists made no attempt to get their hands on it. It fell to the British media to get that story.

David Franke: Socrates, Galileo, and Today’s Covid-19 Authorities

At every turn, we are admonished to accept the dictates of the Authorities regarding the Covid-19 epidemic. It can be intimidating to fight back when their official wisdom consumes every pixel of the Washington Post and the New York Times, of CNN and MSNBC and all the rest.  All the more important, then, to put our current Authorities into historical context.  We need to remind ourselves how the Authorities and Wise Men of any era can easily become the fools and villains of history.

The Troubling Fact Is That Media Fact-Checkers Tend to Lean ← Left

Sharyl Attkisson, RealClearInvestigation

Since Trump’s election “fact-checkers” have gained increased prominence. Pressure has mounted for news outfits and big tech companies to police political discourse. Tensions on both sides were on display last week as a House Judiciary subcommittee grilled top Silicon Valley executives. For now, the trend to “fact-checking” information the public accesses online and on the news is gaining momentum approaching the 2020 election. The evidence indicates the backgrounds and interests of those involved in the effort are serving to complicate rather than purify an increasingly fact-challenged information landscape.

Liberal media blurs cost of ongoing Black Lives Matter/Antifa race riots

Robert Knight, Washington Times

Apart from lots of happy stories depicting the whole country kneeling to the BLM’s anti-White, Marxist demands, you won’t see much about the real costs. Between May 25 and June 8, at least 17 people were killed in what the media call “unrest.” More than 700 law enforcers were injured. Property damage has run into the billions, and we’re not done yet. Portland continues to simmer, and cities explode nightly, like Richmond this past week. Just because the media have amnesia, we shouldn’t forget the real costs of the Democrats’ experiment in street justice. Or sacrifices of the thin blue line.

Coronavirus and the Ceremony of Innocence

David Catron, The American Spectator

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t very impressive by historical standards. Consequently, it will change our lives in relatively superficial ways. The majority come from that most reviled tribe of villains — men. COVID-19 kills about twice as many males as women. Consequently, some feminists may view the pandemic as condign punishment for the plague of patriarchy they claim has sickened society for millennia. A more rational way to look at coronavirus is as a wake-up call. Most of us conduct our lives as if depravity and deprivation don’t exist. Perhaps COVID-19 will drown that ceremony of innocence.

'Intensifying' into violence

Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

Democrats and journalists have struggled to explain the spike. AOC, fresh from "Les Miz," suspects fathers are stealing to feed their children. The NYT indicts summer heat waves. They resist the obvious explanation: Less policing plus lighter punishment and delegitimizing law enforcement yields more violent crime. Almost all the extra victims, including children, are minorities in underprivileged neighborhoods. Some black lives evidently don't matter so much. But that's not a story most journalists want to cover. Falling in the same category is the continued unraveling of the Russia-collusion hoax.

Do We Really Need Congressional Hearings?

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Two minutes in it was clear the Dems had no interest whatsoever in questioning Barr or even letting him get in two words edgewise. They were terrified of him. R's and D's want the opposite things from Big Tech and until they can get together—seemingly impossible these days—nothing will change. And, in any case, I suspect that’s what they both really want, status quo, most of them anyway. As the President would say, sad. Meanwhile, two hearings, two duds. Do we need them? It seems to me they give politicians the opportunity to pontificate and therefore not act, i.e. legislate change as they are paid to do.

Democrat Liars Are Barely Even Trying to Fool Us Anymore

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

While blaming Trump for what is manifestly the fault of Democrat catspaws is important to the op, what is also vital to their poisonous scheme is convincing you that this is a movement of mass and not of bowel. There simply are not that many people rioting. They only manage to round up a few hundred cretins a night in Portland, but if you dive below the surface you see that this fight is an idiot magnet for losers across the country. This is a nation of 330 million people, and maybe 2,000 are involved in the violence the mainstream media shows every night (a sanitized form conveying the official narrative).

Enough Whining About Trump’s Mean Tweets

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

President Donald Trump is a human being, not a Golden Corral – you don’t get to pile up only the stuff you want on your plate and leave the stuff that you don’t want. The fact is that we didn’t elect Donald Trump to be President Feelgood Happy Time. We elected him to take a sledgehammer to the garbage establishment whose corruption, incompetence, and greed impoverished, insulted, and sometimes even killed normal Americans. And when you elect a sledgehammerer – and Donald Trump is the John Henry of American politics – don’t come to me shaking your head muttering, “Goodness gracious, I expected him to be more subtle.”

Why This Revolution Isn't Like the '60s

Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media

The war no longer pits radicals against conservatives, but often socialists and anarchists against both liberals and conservatives. In the ’60s, a huge “silent majority” finally had enough, elected Richard Nixon and slowed down the revolution by jailing its criminals, absorbing and moderating it. Today, if there is a silent mass of traditionalists and conservatives, they remain in hiding. If they stay quiet in their veritable mental monasteries and deplore the violence in silence, the revolution will steamroll on. But as in the past, if they finally snap, then even this cultural revolution will sputter out, too.

The Journalistic Malpractice of Touting 'Devout' Biden

Tim Graham, CNS News

After all this rampaging media activism against President Donald Trump, surely, the Democrat front-runner in the presidential race will face some tough investigative journalism? Instead, get a load of a badly disguised press release from the Associated Press headlined "Biden's bid touts faith, courts even religious conservatives." Former President Barack Obama was a great Christian. Hillary Clinton was a great Christian. And now it's whitewash time for Biden. It's more than a little bizarre when secular liberal journalists turn around and write gushy articles about "devout Catholic and person of deep faith" Joe Biden.

David Franke: The Second Wave of the Fear Campaign

We have been inundated, 24/7, with TV, print, and online warnings that the United States is entering a disastrous “second wave” of the Covid-19 pandemic. What we’re really witnessing, however, is a second wave of the relentless fear campaign to keep the American people obedient to their state and local dictators, and to keep the economy prostate so the Democrats can win the trifecta—the White House, Senate, and House—in November.