moderate Republicans

Rush: Today's GOP Full of Moderates

Melissa Clyne, Newsmax

"There are a lot of mainstream Repub. voters who embody the same fear that GOP leaders do. 'We can't make the Hispanics mad!' A lot of mainstream Repub. voters are embarrassed by SPalin. Many don’t care about reducing the size of gov't. The GOP estab. is OK with that because they want to run it."

Jeb Acting Like the Moderate of Crowded '16 Field

Drew MacKenzie, Newsmax

“Jeb Bush isn’t going to be the hard-edged conservative pick for president in 2016, so there’s really no percentage for him in acting like it. And judging from his latest comments, Bush knows it, too.”

Moderate Megadonor: TEAParty Ruined GOP

Joseph Lawler, Washington Times

The Tea Party has “completely captivated & ruined” the GOP, and will doom the party’s chances of reclaiming the presidency unless it's checked, says billionaire Jon Huntsman, Sr. (father of Jon Huntsman who ranin '12 for pres.). His pick for '16: Jeb Bush.

Cochran Shifts Gears in Desperate Bid to Win Runoff

David M Drucker, Washington Examiner

The Thad Cochran campaign isn't even pretending to be conservative any more. Instead, to widen the pool of prospective voters, Cochran will run more explicitly on his record as a moderate conservative who will continue to deliver the federal funds and projects credited for untold thousands of MS jobs.

Moderates vs. Conservatives: Which Repub. PACs Came Out On Top?

Katie Singh, Burnt Orange Report

Looking at which PAC's candidates did the best, we found that moderate Republicans are still struggling, and the Tea Party is doing significantly better than one might think.

Boehner Won't Attend Anti-TEA Party Mainstreet PAC FL Meeting

Barbara Hollingsworth,

John Boehner will not be attending a weekend retreat hosted by moderate Steve LaTourette's Repub. Mainstreet Partnership PAC -- whose goal is to elect moderate GOP candidates and protect Republican incumbents from Tea Party challengers -- because of a scheduling conflict.

Christie Win Could Transform GOP

Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

Move to the right or try to pull the GOP away from the tea party and toward the center? That is the question Chris Christie will face if he trounces his way to victory Tues. in NJ’s guv race and looks toward a '16 prez bid.