Stop With the Silly 'Centrist' Labels for Democrats

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

The most abused adjective in political reporting is the label "centrist." It should tell you everything about the politician. Unfortunately, it tells us far more about those applying the label. Where this all gets ridiculous is the presidential field. It's happening again in this cycle. With extreme socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders in the race, anyone who isn't endorsing a socialist position — like redistributing wealth, abolishing private health insurance and shredding the fossil fuel industry — is categorized as a centrist. Defending the leftist lurch that was Obamacare is now the centrist position in this daffy media dictionary. Socialists are liberals, and semi-socialists are moderates.

Democrats Debate Issues No One Cares About And Policies No One Wants

Based on the results of recent polls, racist pandering is getting Beto and Mayor Pete exactly nowhere. But lack of measurable impact didn’t drive the candidates away from talking about issues no one cares about and pushing policies no one wants and that was ultimately the overarching theme of last night’s Democrat debate.

Democrat Doug Jones Comes Out In Support Of DACA: Miss Roy Moore Yet?

Whether Doug Jones has an R or a D next to his name in the Senate Directory doesn’t really matter to the Republican establishment that shares Jones’ worldview and policy preferences on issues from DACA and illegal immigration, to the growth of government, to funding Planned Parenthood.

How Progressives Will Scare Off Moderates and Squander the Moral High Ground

Elliot Kaufman, National Review

Abandoning the left's radical organizations would incur the wrath of the party faithful. Not abandoning them could incur the wrath of nearly everyone else. Either way, Republicans will exploit the issue, and Democrats will embarrass themselves. Astonishingly, the Democratic party may have found a way to squander the moral high ground and scare off the moderates gifted to them by President Trump.

RINOs Declare War On Trump’s Conservative Budget

Sen. John McCain and other RINOs have declared President Trump's budget DOA. This is the kind of “Republican” policy that has federal spending on autopilot while tax collections are at record highs and the federal deficit is also at a record high.