National Popular Vote

The National Popular Vote Con Job

David Catron, The American Spectator

No Democrat-controlled state would dream of going to a fully proportional system. It is why they have concocted the unconstitutional and undemocratic National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. They aren’t interested in genuine electoral reform and the claim that NPVIC is a “conservative compromise” doesn’t pass the laugh test. They want to shift more power to heavily populated, Democrat-dominated regions and keep the electoral advantage they already possess in large states like California, New York, and Illinois. NPVIC is, in other words, just another Democratic scam to rig a game they can’t win honestly.

A Bad Idea For Ohio And A Terrible Idea For America

No Republican has ever been elected President without Ohio, and Ohio has furnished eight Presidents with Ohio roots – all Republicans. So why the Buckeye State’s Republican-controlled legislature and Governor would want to dilute their state’s Electoral College votes via the Democrat proposal to bypass the Electoral College is a complete mystery to us.

Far Left Anti-Electoral College Plan Building Momentum

Democrats have long opposed the Electoral College because with overwhelming margins of victory in high-population states like California they could dominate future presidential elections based on the popular vote, so they have concocted a plan to try to bypass the constitutional amendment process.