Paul Ryan is not a conservative

Jack Kemp's Lesson For Paul Ryan

Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator

It is now 13 days since Donald Trump clinched his status as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Which is to say, Speaker Ryan, a man who styles himself as Jack Kemp’s disciple, has another six days to match Kemp’s record of endorsing a man with whom Kemp vigorously disagreed, but had the Republican nomination sewn-up. Kemp went from saying Bush’s election would mean “the end of the Reagan agenda” to campaigning at his side.

The Fear Behind Paul Ryan’s Dirty Tricks

The Nehlen – Ryan contest is much bigger than who gets the Republican nomination in one congressional district in America’s heartland: It’s about whether, going forward, the Republican Party is the political home of America’s limited government constitutional conservative country class citizens, or an oligarchy of insiders who are so fearful of competition that they won’t even allow conservative ideas six feet of table space at their convention.

Dear Paul Ryan: America Was Actually Founded On An Identity

Scott Greer, The Daily Caller

America’s belief in individual rights, liberty and equality of opportunity could only come about from the specific culture and institutions that were brought to the New World by British settlers. That culture — which placed a premium on liberty and representative government — was unique to Anglo-Protestants and provided the worldview from which our Founders forged a nation.

Paul Ryan’s Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Budget

Paul F Nehlen III, The American Thinker

Congratulations, America!  Paul Ryan’s problems in getting his budget through are all your fault -- and he’s as much as said so. It’s a classic case of an abuser blaming his victim.