Phyllis Schlafly First Lady of the Conservative Movement

Donald Trump Eulogizes Phyllis Schlafly Whose Book "A Choice Not An Echo" Inspired His Movement

Conservatives who remain skeptical of the Trump candidacy might find that the bookends of Phyllis Schlafly’s long career, A Choice Not An Echo and The Conservative Case for Trump, not only wholly justify conservative support for Trump, but also explain why Donald Trump was there to eulogize Mrs. Schlafly and keep faith with the lady who inspired his movement.

Phyllis Schlafly was a champion for women

Sandy Rios, Special to the Detroit News

Schlafly carved a place in a man’s world with sheer intellect and achievement. She was a peer, not a play thing. While Gloria Steinem was posing for Playboy, Schlafly was giving birth to babies — and to a powerful new movement that was greater than herself. Schlafly “will take her place among the tiny number of leaders who made a decisive and permanent difference. She changed the political landscape of her country.”

Phyllis Schlafly: My Remembrance of a Conservative Giant

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

I last saw Phyllis in July at her “Life of the Party” pro-life luncheon on the Tuesday of the 2016 Republican National Convention. At the event Phyllis hosted 500 conservative leaders, elected officials and pro-life delegates to the Republican National Convention. I was honored to be seated at her table along with two of my other heroes, former Notre Dame football coaches Lou Holtz and Jerry Faust.