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Outsider Erik Prince Looking At Challenging Establishment Senator John Barrasso

While Erik Prince’s views on the conservative agenda need to be explored further before we can make any kind of endorsement, we do know a lot of things we don’t like about Senator John Barrasso, and first among them is his crony relationship with Mitch McConnell.

Republican donors seek out Steve Bannon

David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner

Steve Bannon has begun meeting with Republican donors at their request, as party financiers in the wake of the Alabama special election attempt to learn what President Trump's former chief strategist has planned for 2018. The former White House chief strategist and CEO Of Trump's presidential campaign believes he could help drive Republican challenger candidates to victory next year with the technological tools now available to campaigns.

Conservatives Launching GOP Primary Challenges

Shak Hill in VA-10 and State Representative Barry Moore in AL-2 are getting the attention of conservative handicappers in their campaigns against establishment congressional incumbents and we look forward to more principled limited government constitutional conservative candidates taking the fight to other “white flag” incumbents in other House districts.

Amnesty Stirs Tea Party Fury

Tarini Parti and Burgess Everett, Politico

With lawmakers now home, Tea Partiers are giving them an earful on the Senate amnesty bill.

Elites vs. the People on Amnesty

Tom Tancredo, WND

The House immigration debate will reveal who really controls the GOP – elites or the grassroots.

The Future of GOP with Hispanics

Sean Trende, Real Clear Politics

In Part III of this series, Trende again shows Republicans don’t have to go the amnesty route.