religion in America

Muslims Petition Obama for Recognition of Islamic Holidays

Heather Clark, Christian News Network

A group of three Muslim homeschooled middle school students from Virginia are petitioning the White House for recognition of Islamic holidays in public schools nationwide.

Atheist George Soros Targets Catholics

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

The gay advocacy group that launched a pressure campaign to block Bob Newhart from speaking at a Catholic summit is funded by progressive billionaire George Soros and has close links to Obama’s new counselor.

Christian Wins "God Bless You" Harassment Case

Right Scoop Staff

A federal jury ruled in a Christian woman's favor, saying her workplace was hostile to her religion because a co-worker harassed her for years after the woman blessed her for a sneeze. The co-worker said “I’m tired of your Christian attitude” and mocked her for "praying to a God who was a figment of her imagination."

Cruz: We Need A Spiritual Revival

David Brody, The Brody File

While in Iowa, Ted Cruz said, "If we keep going down this path we’re risking losing our nation."