Democrats need to wake up and realize that open borders are not fiscally sustainable

Bryan Dean Wright, Fox News

In late 2016 the Obama administration published an alarming study that showed upwards of 47 percent of American jobs might be eliminated due to the technological advances in robotics, automation and machine learning (RAML). The most vulnerable jobs included those filled by workers with lower pay, lower skills and less education. Democrats must accept that open borders are not fiscally sustainable and that tough choices must be made about whom and how many immigrants we embrace.

From Our What Could Go Wrong Department: Self-Replicating Machines To Replace Soldiers With Robots

The notion that creating a factory capable of reproducing itself and producing armed, autonomous drones and robots equals “scientific progress” reminds us all too much of the celebrations of the technical achievements involved in the NSA’s as yet uncharted ability to eavesdrop on virtually any form of communication.