How to Term-Limit Congress

Doug Bandow, National Review

Term limits most directly prevent politicians from turning office-holding into a career, spending 30 or 40 years as a congressman or senator, hanging on until they can barely function. Term limits are no panacea. Only an aware, active, and enlightened citizenry can make a republic work. However, term limits would improve such a people’s chances of success. The current system is biased toward the ever-expanding, ever-more-expensive state. Weakening the political class would give the rest of us a chance.

Infrastructure: Trump swims downstream

Editors, Washington Examiner

Trump’s main goal in this infrastructure package should be to give states the means to control their own infrastructure and to shrink the role of the federal government. That’s not just because we believe in smaller government and decision-making at the most conveniently local level, although we do, but because the federal role already is shrinking through inertia, and has been for some time.

Trump is right about Medicaid work requirements

Editors, Washington Examiner

There will be cynical efforts by the Left to portray Medicaid waivers and work requirements as harmful to the poor. But nothing could be further from the truth. Appropriate and tailored work requirements preserve welfare programs so that their funding goes to help those in need and is not wasted on others. Getting people out of morally enfeebling dependency is also a good thing.

Yes, the states can fix the Obamacare debacle

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

This isn’t about saving money or cutting the deficit. It’s about creating a 21st century health care system that taps into the power of free markets, consumer choice and competition to expand coverage, improve care, and make health insurance affordable to everyone. Hopefully, even Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t be against that.

We Can End Late-Term Abortion

Fr. Frank Pavone, CNS News

We have to reach out to those who call themselves pro-choice but who, like us, want late-term abortion abolished. If there is any common ground to be found in the divisive abortion issue, this is where it will be. We can end late-term abortion. God help us if we don’t accomplish this soon, and then move on to protect all children in the womb at every stage.

What Congress can learn from the Rhode Island miracle

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

Republicans should continue to insist on solutions to Medicaid that provide some federal funding but allow states maximum flexibility. The Republican block grant makes financial sense and will help ensure that Medicaid doesn’t bankrupt Washington and the 50 states. But the Trump administration doesn’t need to wait. It can start this program tomorrow. It should put out word to the governors that it will issue Rhode Island-style global waivers for Medicaid if they apply for one. The White House has full authority to do this and many states will line up for the offer.

Get Judges And Private Organizations Out Of Refugee Resettlement

The notion that an unelected federal judge could order the President and Congress to admit a given number of foreigners and order the States to support with welfare and education benefits however many refugees a private organization chose to send them defies so many constitutional limits that it is hard to even begin to count them.