Texas Governor Greg Abbott

The Difference Between Texas And Indiana Republicans

We thought that the Republican Party was the Party of constitutional limits on government, but the panic created by the COVID-19 “epidemic” and the extra-constitutional actions of Republican public officials, such as Indiana’s Governor Eric Holcomb, have revealed that the urge to tyranny is not bound by political affiliation and in the end can only be constrained by the fidelity to the Constitution of individual office holders, such as Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Texas Republicans Strongly Support Abbott, Tea Party

WOAI Radio, San Antonio

Gov. Abbott has a 70% favorable rating among non Tea Party Republicans, and an 82% favorable rating among Tea Party Republicans, and that puts him in a very strong position," said Jim Henson of the University of Texas.  We also asked whether the Tea Party has too much of too little influence; the poll found most Republicans agree that the Tea Party doesn't have enough influence.

Governor, I Demand You Act To End Illegal “Sanctuary Cities” In Our State

Governor, I Demand You Act To End Illegal “Sanctuary Cities” In Our State

So-called sanctuary cities, where local officials refuse to fulfill their constitutional responsibilities to cooperate with federal authorities to enforce immigration laws are a magnet for the illegal aliens who are destroying the quality of life in our state.