Tim Mynett

Disposable Families: Ilhan Omar and Tim Mynett’s Adultery

Melissa Mackenzie, The American Spectator

It’s a shame what Ilhan Omar and Tim Mynett’s families are enduring. They don’t deserve the pain being visited upon them. And they don’t deserve to have to figure out a way to sew up their broken hearts and move on while watching their whoring parents strut shamelessly in public. It’s a cycle of pain. Rather than sweeping it away, more attention needs to be given to the victims. More social pressure needs to be exerted on the offenders. At a start, people need to remember that adultery is a moral crime and divorce is rarely no-fault. There are victims. They’re just silent.

Should Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar Be Stoned To Death For Adultery?

As appropriate as Sharia law punishment for Rep. Ilhan Omar might appear, we think a better result would be for her devout Muslim constituents, her Democratic Party colleagues and the Federal Election Commission to all recognize her for the fraud and serial law-breaker that she is and remove her from office.