Adm. Mullen: Americans Forget Troops Who Die in 'Our Dirty Little Wars'

Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner

Americans love the troops -- until they're killed in action, at which point all too many people forget the soldiers and their families, according to retired Adm. Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Dems Betray Vets to Help Illegals

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Senate Dems. killed an amendment from Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) that would have paid for unemployment benefits for many Americans and replaced recent cuts to vets’ pensions by closing a tax code loophole that allows illegal aliens to access the Refundable Child Tax Credit.

Vets Tell US Politicians: Quit Now

Drew Zahn, WND

Military men say time for new George Washingtons to take over.

War is Stupid: Remembering Armistice Day Before Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a reminder of the terrible cost of war, not a celebration of militarism.

Funding Jihadists, Denying US Military

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review Online

The Obama Administration can fund al-Qaeda but we can’t fund the families of our war dead?

Obama’s War Against The Citizenry

The actions of the National Park Service are a mere skirmish in Obama’s war against the citizenry – a war that has been fought across the entire landscape of the federal bureaucracy.

Obama Aimed for Military Pain?

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) accused Obama of seeking to inflict the “maximum amount of pain” on active duty National Guard members who may have been improperly furloughed as part of the gov't shutdown.

Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall!

If people start defying the government about something like the closing of an open air monument, imagine what might happen come January 1, 2014 when all Americans will be required to sign-up for ObamaCare?

Fry Cook Paid to Protest Vets

Patrick Poole, PJ Media

Why was a McDonald's cook paid $15 to attend (and claim the shutdown is Boehner's fault) a protest targeting vets? None of the protesters would show their fed ID.

Paul: Goons Blocked WWII Memorial

Lucy Mccalmont, Politico

“Some idiot in government sent goons out there to set up barricades...People had to spend hours setting up barricades where there are never barricades to prevent people from seeing the WWII monument because they’re trying to play a charade, " Rand Paul told Hannity.

IRS Now Targeting Veterans?

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

A congressional committee is currently reviewing the IRS’s response to lawmakers’ concerns following new revelations that the agency is targeting the American Legion.

Vets Demand Benghazi Investigation

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Congressmen, special forces vets, and grassroots orgs launched an effort to make the House to hold an open Benghazi investigation.