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NPR Executives Caught on Video Making Bigoted Comments About Jews and Conservatives in Meeting with “Muslim Brotherhood”

By Adam Cassandra | 3/8/11 

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe, the man behind exposing ACORN, released a new undercover video Tuesday morning that captures two senior executives of National Public Radio (NPR) engaging in a bigoted dialogue with journalists posing as agents of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“They’re seriously racist, racist people,” said NPR executive Ron Schiller, speaking about the Tea Party in the undercover video before mocking Evangelical Christians as “weird,” and agreeing that Jews control the media.

Schiller is the president of the NPR Foundation and senior vice-president of development for NPR.

The exchange between the NPR executives and two undercover journalists working for O’Keefe’s The Project Veritas took place on February 22, 2011 over lunch in a Washington, DC restaurant. O’Keefe was not one of the two undercover journalists, and the organization the journalists claimed to represent in the meeting is not real.

Posing as members of the Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC), which works to “spread acceptance of Sharia across the world” according to the group’s website, the journalists informed the NPR executives they were interested in donating $5 million to NPR, “out of concern for the defunding process that the Republicans are trying to engage in,” and to lessen the “Jew influence” and “Jew money” going to NPR.

After the undercover journalists informed Schiller that MEAC was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, Schiller stressed the importance of having “Muslim voices” in schools and on the air.

“I think what we all believe is if we don’t have Muslim voices in our schools, on the air,” Schiller says, “it’s the same thing we faced as a nation when we didn’t have female voices.”

According to an "Explanatory Memorandum" obtained by the FBI and submitted as evidence in the 2007 court case US v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, “The (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

The conversation then turned to the “fanatically involved” Tea Party that Schiller first calls “very fundamental Christian,” but then backtracks saying, “I wouldn’t even call it Christian. It’s this weird Evangelical kind of move(ment).”

Schiller goes on to say the Tea Party is, “not just Islamophobic but really xenophobic. I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America, gun-toting – I mean it’s scary.”

“They’re seriously racist, racist people,” Schiller concludes about the Tea Party.

Watch the video:

Schiller also takes shots at conservatives in general saying that, “liberals today might be more educated, fair and balanced than conservatives,” and then goes on to equate intellectualism with liberalism.

When asked directly by the journalist MEAC representatives about the Muslim Brotherhood and his thoughts on the uprising in Egypt, Schiller says he is “disturbed and disappointed.”

“The educated, so-called elite in this country is too small a percentage of the population, so that you have this very large uneducated part of the population that carries these ideas,” said Schiller. “It’s much more about anti-intellectualism than it is about (politics).”

On the issue of NPR’s funding, Schiller makes it clear that the government funded radio station would be better off without receiving taxpayer funding.

“Well frankly it is very clear that we would be better off in the long run without federal funding,” Schiller said. “[O]ur job would be a lot easier if people weren’t confused about (NPR’s federal funding).”

“NPR would definitely survive (without federal funding), and most of the stations would survive,” said Schiller.

Schiller’s comments in the video were aired just one day after NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller defended taxpayer funding for public broadcasting in a speech at the National Press Club.  

Vivian Schiller also challenged critics of NPR’s government funded news to find any evidence of liberal bias in NPR's coverage.

Vivian Schiller and Ron Schiller are not related according to NPR.

When the MEAC representatives begin discussing the perception of Jewish control of the media, and the need for a more favorable Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas view on the airwaves, the NPR executives fully agreed.

Hamas is a US State Department recognized terrorist organization that controls the Gaza strip.

“Jews kind of control the media…toward a favorable direction of Israel,” one of the undercover journalists said as Schiller is seen nodding his head in agreement.

“The Palestinian viewpoint, since NPR is one of the few places that has the courage to present it – There’s kind of a joke. We used to call it National Palestinian Radio.”

“That’s good. I like that,” Betsy Liley, senior director of institutional giving at NPR, chimed in.

“That is the commitment,” Schiller says following Liley.

Schiller says that Jewish influence is there, “in those who own newspapers obviously, but no one owns NPR.”

The undercover video also catches the NPR executives discussing the termination of former NPR political pundit Juan Williams. Williams was fired from NPR in October of 2010 over comments made on Fox News’s The O’Reilly Factor in which Williams expressed unease at seeing people in “Muslim garb” on airplanes after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Schiller said at NPR, “they all agreed in the end, well of course you had to fire [Juan Williams]…What NPR did, I’m very proud of, and what NPR stood for is non-racist, non-bigoted straightforward telling of the news.”

“The question that we asked internally was, ‘When Juan Williams makes a statement like he made, can he report to the Muslim population and be believed?’ and the answer is no. He lost all credibility, and that breaks your basic ethics as a journalist.”

In response to the statements made by the NPR executives, Richard Viguerie’s launched a petition today to NPR’s board of directors to call for the immediate termination of NPR’s “bigoted” executives.

“The shocking video released today by Project Veritas shows NPR executives Ron Schiller and Betsy Liley engaging in bigoted anti-Semitic and anti-conservative dialogue with two undercover reporters,” the petition states. “Well now that Schiller and Liley’s comments have been caught on tape, haven’t they lost all credibility with Jews, conservatives and Tea Partiers? Shouldn’t Schiller, Liley and all other NPR executives be held to their same standard?”

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